Thursday, March 1, 2012


Because Chad is in the Accounting program at Brigham Young University, and has an internship with PWC this upcoming summer, we went to a recruiting day for PWC at Sundance Ski Resort in Utah. Here are some pictures:
This is Chad looking off into the distance at all the skiers risking their lives coming down the hill.
(That arm-band is to identify him as a 'student', the PWC employees were wearing orange ones)

This was a bunch of skis lined up outside the lodge. I'd never seen this before in real life, only in movies, so I had to take a picture.

And, here's one of their center-pieces. The table-cloth was black, 
so it looked a lot more elegant than this picture.

Today was day 10 of my Amish Bread! It is sooo good! So here's the final product, warm and right out of the oven! --This is why I'm not losing those pounds--

looking forward to a fun Friday night this week! Have a great weekend everybody!
Also, shout out to Kalita (my sister-in-law), gave birth to number four today! Beautiful baby girl, Karly!!! 

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