Friday, February 24, 2012

Update of the last 3 Months

So we're now married! Yay! Life is wonderful. We've done lots of fun things and here are pictures! (P.S. if you can tell me how to make my blog prettier, that'd be awesome. I don't really know how to work this stuff)

I'll start with our honeymoon! Since we went to the Oregon Coast, we went to Mo's, one of the hottest seafood restaurants in the Pacific City area.

 This is Mo's famous Clam Chowder. mmmmm it was so goo

Chad's fried octopus. I don't remember what its called, Calamari I think. 

 My fish tacos. They were so good! 

This is Chad, enjoying the Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour. 

An authentic Tillamook Cheeseburger, complete with pickle and chips.

Chad on the freezing cold Pacific City beach. It really is just gorgeous, but it was soooo cold!

A treasure we found while driving around.

And thus begins our journey down to LA from Oregon. We stopped in Sacramento California and had dinner at P.F. Chang's. So delicious! These sauces are what start the meal.

Chad's soup.

My soup. Mine was so much better, but Chad liked his better. Good choices then, I guess. 

The chicken for the lettuce wraps. If you go to P.F. Chang's get the lettuce wraps, they are divine!

This is the chicken dish I ordered, so good.

This is the beef one Chad ordered. Again, I liked mine a lot better. Good choices.

Annnnd, even though we were stuffed to the brim we finished this together in less than three minutes. It was the perfect combination of chocolate and fruit: enough fruit to keep it light without the chocolate overdoing anything. (Tribute to Tessa for the food picture idea. Love it!)

thiiiis is a lovely side-view of the flower-mart in downtown LA (I was so excited to be in downtown LA) Errin and her mom took Mom and I to go pick out flowers for the open house. It reminded me so much of My Fair Lady, it was awesome!

More flowers!

Christmas came before the open house. It was the largest amount of presents I had ever seen in one place with that many people in the same place too!

Here's a picture of all the kids (and Kalita and Chad and Tabby...and half of Michael)! Aren't they just the cutest! I can't wait to be back for the summer and hang out with them.

And the largest amount of presents, which then multiplied the next day. It was craziness in there, but oh so happy!

Valentine's Day came around and I scrounged up pink waffles and strawberry sauce with whipped cream. It was so good, although Chad liked the regular syrup, so I got to eat all the strawberries!

This past weekend we drove up to Mountain Green--just outside of Morgan, Utah--to stay with my grandparents. This is my Grandma Nell. She taught me how to make a pie crust! (one of those really frustrating things where men really want to stay out of the kitchen) It turned out really well, kinda crumbly, but I think that's a good thing. Here she is, with our fabulous caramel apple pie.

On Tuesday, because it was 45 cent wing day at Buffalo Wild Wings, we went there for a date. It was way fun, especially because I had never been. 

Chad, chomping down on a hot wing. 

Well that's it for now. Hopefully I can actually keep up! Love ya'll. 

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